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Easy-to-use software. SquirrelSave is designed for "normal people". There are no cryptic options and the default configuration will work for most users. No degree in geekology required!

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Back up whatever you choose. SquirrelSave can back up any combination of files and folders on your computer. We back up some important things (e.g. the standard Documents folder location) by default, but this can be easily changed if you store your files elsewhere.

Go back in time. We keep multiple copies of your data on our servers so that even if you delete a file and don't notice for a couple of days you can still recover it. We keep copies on a doubling time scale, i.e. 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 4 days, 8 days, 16 days, 1 month...

Recover files. SquirrelSave comes with an easy-to-use file retrieval tool built in. You can view your current and historical backups and recover files or folders at the click of a button.

Real time, instant backup. SquirrelSave automatically tracks changes to files it's backing up for you. When you edit an important document and save it, SquirrelSave will notice and back up your changes.

Works the way you want it to. If you'd prefer not to back up in real time, you can choose to have SquirrelSave back up your files at a specific time each day, or only when you manually trigger it. This is particularly useful for gamers who don't want backup software kicking in during a fragfest!

Secure cloud storage and data transfer. All data is securely encrypted before being transferred (for the techies, we use 256-bit AES encryption over SSH). We provide you with your own personal, secure cloud storage that's only accessible with a unique key attached to your SquirrelSave account.

The physical servers your data resides on are in Memset's secure data centres. These use RAID(6) technology so that your data is still protected even if a hard disk in the server fails. Files are stored encrypted, so even if someone were to physically steal the server, they could not access your data without your account's unique key!

Enterprise class technology, tamed for home users. Behind the scenes, SquirrelSave makes use of rsync technology, probably the most prolific file backup/copying tool in the IT industry. This results in backups being made reliably and also quickly e.g. if only a small part of a large file has changed, we save bandwidth by transferring only the changed part due to rsync's delta encoding algorithm.

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